Saturday, July 24

Life After Overtime

Blurry letters in a row.
Up and down, fast and slow.
Round and round, the rolls unwind,
I think I've almost lost my mind.
Stacks on stacks, cart after cart.
Bank of the West, have a heart!
Disclosure statements, half million strong.
All I know is it's taking too long.

Wednesday, July 7

Working Sabbatical

This week's time off is time on for the labor legion.
It's paint-the-house, two bedroom and living room re-do,
replace bad sprinkler heads, mix dump paint at Kelley
Moore, refinish and paint a 10 drawer dresser for Angel,
clean the garage, and who knows what else week.

We'll get an actual rest Saturday and Sunday, Lord willing.
At least I'm getting paid!