Wednesday, November 29

Have You Driven a Ford Lately?

Thankfully, we live in a country where freedom of speech is protected. We also enjoy a great many other freedoms that we take for granted, like freedom to travel, freedom of the press, freedom to choose a job and even worship whom and where you please.

There is also a corporate freedom of being able to write your own mission statement, create your own values and make your own business decisions. Business is free to advertise to their heart's content (albeit, within certain legal limits), to cater to whom they want and sell a unique product.

And there is the freedom to shop where you want.

Saturday, November 25

The Art of Sneering

"There was a laughing devil in his sneer," penned Lord Byron in 1814. King David also wrote about this inherited evil, saying he was bent on sinning even when he was conceived. (Psalm 51:5) The Apostle Paul penned similar thoughts in his letter to the Ephesian Christians: You and I were "by nature [birth] the children of wrath." (Ephesians 2:3).

So it's easy to see myself on that train, sneering at the funny-looking photographer.

Thursday, November 23

Bigger and Better Banana

Paso Robles' recent billing as the inevitably-to-be largest city in San Luis Obispo county has some old-timers shocked-and-awed. Its once nondescript and plain complexion has discovered make-up and face lifts on land east, west, north and south.

New industry and business bring more people to the area. More people in the area means a higher population. And a higher population means Top Banana status.

Pray for city government to stay in control of the herd and only ride on the best and fastest horses.

You can see a 1.3MB view of this Salinas River panorama here:

Thursday, November 16

Women and Memory

The latest news that gum-chewers have better memories should interest the fairer sex who claim to have better memories than men, whether they chew gum or not. Here is the reason: It is not the gum itself that produces the phenomenon -- it is the repeated mandibular motion of chewing. This rhythmic mastication increases heart rhythm and blood flow to the head and brain, thus delivering the extra chemicals necessary for recall and retrospection.

The argument follows that since women talk two to three times more than men during a given day, their constant flexing of the mandible increases heart rate and blood flow to the brain also, which is why . . . uh . . . I can't remember what I was going to say.

Until next time . . .

Monday, November 13

Amazon.bomb Part II

Still no shipped item from I waited and waited, giving them a chance to redeem their dropped ball, but my patience was 'rewarded' with today's e-mail, saying it will most likely arrive before December 6, which is more than 2 months after ordering!

The order was cancelled, an sour e-mail sent, and B&H will get my money.

Lesson learned. No more ordering from Amazon.bomb.

Thursday, November 9

One Windy Afternoon

Our Wednesday jaunt up Highway 1 met with about a 35 knot headwind and voracious waves. Zipping past Cambria and Hearst Castle, we headed toward the lighthouse at Piedras Blancas, only to find it closed. We stopped at Ragged Point and got some pictures before heading south again.

Allie, the windsurfer, was looking forward to raising her sail in the whipping winds like the other guys. She soon left the surf because her "sail was too big." --- Just couldn't hold on. Wildly blowing sand covered the wet shoreline as the pelicans and gulls huddled in large crowds, windward beaks grazing close to the sand. This was no place for hat wearing or kite flying, but it made for some great photography.

Friday, November 3


Order Date: October 4, 2006
Order #: 104-0559760-xxxxxxxx
Recipient: Dave Skinner c/o KP Corp
Items not yet shipped:
Delivery estimate: November 8, 2006 - November 17, 2006 1 of: Nikon SB-600 Speedlight Flash for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras
Sold by:

Let's see: Order something from on October 4 and don't expect to receive it until November 8-17th. Sounds logical and forgivable if the loving, forgiving person I am. I could get mad and send another e-mail to customer service. But what would that get me but another canned answer.

There's a reason for all of life's glitches. You get a choice: Rule or be ruled.

Thursday, November 2

Sixty(een) Candles

My 16th birthday was on a Monday in 1962. No surprise party that I can remember. I think we lived on 16th Street in Paso with the Birk's. I'll guess this was the occasion I bought a new 10-speed from Sears. Bright yellow, lightweight, the perfect vehicle to zip up Vine Street to see one of the Mandella sisters that winter. Man, that was a great bike!

Today's surprise 60th celebration at work revealed the hard work and bravery of those who decorated after I left work yesterday. High hanging Happy Birthday signs, a 60 t-shirt hanging above my collator, big black balloons and crepe paper covering the collator and cutter, spinning purple 60 dangly things, three gag gifts and signed card --- all showed the affection and fun-loving nature of the gang at work. Special thanks goes to Debby, Jan, Roy, Roberta and anyone else who helped!

These Old Davy major milestones spur times of self-examination, perspective, and thanksgiving. Self-examination = you're getting older, but how much wiser? Perspective = not too many years to go, buddy. Thanksgiving = Lord, thank You for the love others show in this sin-infested world. Thank You for friends who care and show it.