Sunday, September 28

Mum's the Word

It has been a whirlwindish week of exercising at K/P Corp., tackling the yard work, and surviving the financial crisis 'experts' duking it out on TV. Today is the Lord's Day, and I can take a break from the pain. Today, I can enjoy the yellow mums exploding in the front yard, savor a grilled cheese and ham sandwich, and watch the cat sleep. There's a reason for laying back on Sunday. "Six days thou shalt labor and do all thy work . . ." Only six days. On this day I need to give back to God in worship and rest and reflection.

Boy, do I feel great Monday mornings!

Saturday, September 27

The Leaning Tower

I hate to be the far-from-proverbial doomsayer, but seems like many agree. We knew government was broken years and years (and YEARS) ago, which is but a reflection of a broken constituency.

The chickens have indeed come home to roost.

Thomas Jefferson in 1789: "Excessive taxation ... will carry reason and reflection to every man's door, and particularly in the hour of election."

George Washington in 1789: "There is no truth more thoroughly established than that there exists in the economy and course of nature an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness; between duty and advantage; between the genuine maxims of an honest and magnanimous policy, and the solid rewards of public prosperity and felicity."

Thomas Jefferson in 1821: "If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send 150 lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour? That 150 lawyers should do business together ought not to be expected."

Thursday, September 25

Anne Bradstreet's House Fire in 1666

Yes, some Puritans wrote poetry. And yes, some of those poets were women!

Here are her heart's thoughts after losing what had seemed precious (some spelling and punctuation changed):

"In silent night when rest I took,
For sorrow near I did not look,
I waken'd was with thundring noise
And Piteous shreiks of dreadfull voice.
That fearfull sound of "fire" and "fire,"
Let no man know is my Desire.
I, starting up, the light did spye,
And to my God my heart did cry
To strengthen me in my Distresse
And not to leave me succourlesse.
Then coming out beheld a space,
The flame consume[d] my dwelling place.

"And, when I could no longer look,
I blest his Name that gave and took,
That layd my goods now in the dust:
Yea so it was, and so 'twas just.
It was his own: it was not mine;
Far be it that I should repine.

"He might of All justly bereft,
But yet sufficient for us left.
When by the Ruines oft I past,
My sorrowing eyes aside did cast,
And here and there the places spye
Where oft I sat, and long did lye.

"Here stood that Trunk, and there that chest;
There lay that store I counted best:
My pleasant things in ashes lye,
And them behold no more shall I.
Under thy roof no guest shall sitt,
Nor at thy Table eat a bitt.

"No pleasant tale shall 'ere be told,
Nor things recounted done of old.
No Candle 'ere shall shine in Thee,
Nor bridegroom's voice ere heard shall bee.
In silence ever shalt thou lye;
Adieu, Adeiu; All's vanity.

"Then streight I [be]gin my heart to chide,
And didst thy wealth on earth abide?
Didst fix thy hope on mouldring dust,
The arm of flesh didst make thy trust?
Raise up thy thoughts above the skye
That dunghill mists away may flie.

"Thou hast an house on high, erect,
Fram'd by that mighty Architect,
With glory richly furnished,
Stands permanent tho' this bee fled.
It's purchased, and paid for too
By him who hath enough to do [it].

"A Prise so vast as is unknown,
Yet, by his Gift, is made thine own.
Ther's wealth enough, I need no more;
Farewell my Pelf, farewell my Store.
The world no longer let me Love,
My hope and Treasure lyes Above."

[One comment needed to end this rhyme:
Our all will turn to dust in time. Old Davy]

Saturday, September 20


When Angel crosses the threshold, Grammy goes into fun mode. Today, it is 'get out the new puzzle' and 'collectively brainstorm solutions' time. Never mind that it's a stegosaurus vex that glows in the dark, and not a picture of Cinderella in her dazzling pumpkin carriage. Togetherness is the theme of the moment, one that's getting rarer for us old folks. Sometimes, you want them all to move back in. Then you think about it and have a good laugh.

This morning was the 'Get On the Roof And Fix the Heater' appointment. Every few years the igniter burns out. And each trip up that extension ladder reminds me that there are much safer things to do in life. My amateur inspection revealed melting wires and a lot of contact corrosion, so the problem may have just been bad connections. But I cleaned the connections and replaced the module anyway. It works again, thankfully. This entropy thing is the pits.

Tuesday, September 16

Last Dance

Talk show host Glenn Beck has been encouraging his listeners to rush to Costco and purchase 6 months worth of food and survival staples. He says it will give you a wonderful sense of security. Nevermind the fact that some of your more nefarious neighbors will find out about it and target you for annihilation as soon as disaster hits. So, along with the provisions, you'll have to build a bomb-proof bunker and add the appropriate firepower to protect your stuff.

The current economic trauma is starting a long-needed dialogue about the clear and present (and future) danger of certain financial people playing the greed game.

Too little, too late. See you in the bunker. Hope you like cold cereal and powdered milk.

Saturday, September 6

Morning Marvels

Some of us love the composition, color and surprises in a magnified world. I especially enjoy these 'travel cruises' that cost next to nothing and let you return home within an hour's venture.

The local junior college garden is one of my favorite places to be just when the sun is coming up and there's still sprinkler dew on everything. The buzzing begins early and the backlit flowers are a rare treat for most. Mid-day gawkers miss the subtle colors and shadows seen only early or late afternoon.

Friday, September 5

Life With Mother

Sarah Palin's incredible image as the incredible mom with an incredible family has given as much (or more) weight to her coming campaign as her political views. Tears were flowing Wednesday night, even from the tough guys who succumbed to the touching family photos of her kids, yours truly not included.

Love has long arms, but let's see how she does in the arena of ideas.