Saturday, February 17

Freedom of Speech

America's love affair with free speech can be seen everywhere in this great land, even in the boonies. If you ever drive north of Paso Robles on Hwy 101, you need to take Hwy G13 heading northwest from King City to Hwy 25 that goes north to Hollister. This is a way-off-the-beaten-path route through the valley just west of the Diablo Range and just east of the Pinnacles National Monument. You'll go for miles without seeing a telephone pole or electric line on a two-lane road that meanders through oak and pine trees, farm and grazing land, and a lot of brushy stuff. Nothing quite spectacular, but for someone wanting to get away from it all --- this is the place.

Our leisurely drive was punctuated with the blaring signage screams of another strict constitutionalist. This particular ranch house sported a high-flying flag and a decorated fence. And he had sent his little yapper dog to make sure you read the signs! Pretty entertaining for a hot-under-the-collar conservative.

Most of us conservatives don't exercise our free speech rights like this man (or woman?). We discuss the issues with our friends at work, our spouse and others. We read, hear and see the news through a variety of media. We all have our opinions and prize them and are thankful we live in a country that lets us get away with doing so. And we VOTE so we can complain all the more!

Long live freedom of speech, press and conscience!

Wednesday, February 7

The Skies, They Are A Changin'

Our weekend visit to Paso Robles unearthed, or I should say, "unskied" a new phenomenon --- man-made clouds. When I took this picture, I counted 15 contrails extending south to north. Their dispersing vapor was covering most of the sky.

There are folks who think this increase in air traffic is contributing to the greenhouse effect because of all the 'cloud' cover.

Of course, this was Super Bowl Sunday and there were a lot of people who could only see the game while sailing along at 30,000 feet.

Friday, February 2

The Science Wars

Stem cell research and global warming data and theories are waging bloodless wars as ideologies clash around the world. We can hear the bombs in the distance. We've joined the armies of one side of the issue or the other. We guard our cache of ammunition. Our weapons are up-to-date and clean.

Is anyone asking, "Did I join the right side?" Are my communication lines being hacked? Is my commander telling me the truth?