Tuesday, April 29

Drawing A Line

Let's see . . . as long as it's a blockbuster magazine, and as long as it's a world-renown photographer, and as long as she's known by millions around the world, and as long as her parents sign off, and as long as someone told her it's 'art,' and as long as she knows little to nothing about what God expects from her, and as long as it's fun, and as long as people are telling her how grown-up she looks and acts, how DARE anyone criticize a 15 year-old for ANYTHING they want to do. Or even a 14 or 13 year-old. In fact, let's just play it safe and say 10 years old and up.

Apparently, there's a lot of stupid people that believe it's okay (or not willing to say it's wrong) according to today's Yahoo Poll. About 42% worth.

The chickens are certainly coming home to roost.

Sunday, April 27

Tyson Four-Step

Nothing like the smell of deep-fried asparagus, a bulldog who likes to skateboard and girls polevaulting on Fremont Street to get the camera clicking. The Stockton Asparagus Festival is the yearly fund-raising event for all ages, even us old coots who'd rather sit in the shade than traipse up and down eatery row, watch Joey Chestnut win the all-you-can-eat contest (again) or listen to Joan Jett croon to other 50ish folks.

It was good to be in church today where all of us old coots had a great time without any hype, hoopla or barf bags.

Wednesday, April 23

Belated Happy Earth Day

Earth Day in the 1950's was any day you communed with nature, planted a tree, picked a rose, weeded the flower bed, composted your garbage, or used your trusy machete to cut down a yucca bloom. The girls in camp were impressed, but the local ranger tied us to the back of his pickup and dragged us around for awhile. Lesson learned.

Oh, that's brother Marty on my right and cousin Larry on my left. I forgot who wore the machete belt after this incident --- certainly not any of us.

Wednesday, April 16

Pete Souza's Ronald Reagan

White House photographer, Pete Souza, enjoyed the Reagan years by shooting all things President and presidential, including family and friends. Great moments during a history-making time. Find them here: The Musarium

Monday, April 14

Stitching Time


I haven't seen the latest figures of how many people are taking how many pictures in how many seconds around the world. Guess you could have done this before the digital camera revolution, but it's impossible to estimate now. Capturing the instant (or a few seconds worth) of the moment digitally provides the current 'gotta-have-it-now' mentality.

Barb was sorting through several bins of old stuff a few days ago. Mementoes saved for daughter Liz and personal stuff for the old couple. There was a box of old pictures that I'd taken a long time ago that jogged the old memory nerves. A few that others had taken that I didn't remember (like the one of me in bed reading 1984 when I was just out of high school). Old negatives that I need to convert for saving. All stuff that will be tossed after we check out of the breathing ward.

We (and our kids) need PROOF that we were young sooner or later. Don't ask me why.

Sunday, April 6

Party Gurlz

Birthday parties for 8 year-olds haven't really changed through the years. It's still proverbial mayhem and pandemonium until the last decorated cupcakes are eaten. All parents and grandparents were thoroughly entertained.

Keep those cameras handy. You'll soon forget the wonderful details without them.