Sunday, February 22

Another Rainy Day

This take for granted blessing chalks
The Desolation Wilderness
And paints my Valley backyard green ---
The Artist's brush is very big.

Friday, February 20

The Baying Burble Tree

In the silence of September
Where the gleaming Grundles grow,
Beneath the Baying Burble Tree
Across the hedging row,

There lives a cogered gentleman
Among the crazy Cricks,
A man of mirth and melody
Who peddles Burble sticks.

His voice is heard above the heath
And down below the holler,
Singing, "Buy my Baying Burble sticks
For a dillar and a dollar!"

Well now, all the Cricks and Creaks and Croaks
That lived around the land
Felt that buying silly Burble sticks
Was more than they could stand.

And so, they got them axes, gropes and graws,
Then vowed a villians vow:
"Tomorrow noon where Burble stands,
The plog will pull the plow!"

That night, the old and cogered gentleman
Could hear their cruel cries,
As Cricks and Croaks flew round their fires
That flamed the forest skies.

What will he do whose only joy
And job will turn to dust?
What could he do that could be done
Before the Burble busts?

Then as the morning billows blushed
Above the Tootle trees,
And yellow Yikes and Yolo Balls
Were swaying in the breeze,

The strangest sight that you could see
Was seen up in the sky:
A giant Baying Burble tree
And passenger sailed by.

There sitting on a lumpy limb
And holding on for life,
The dear old cogered gentleman
Notched a message with his knife.

And this is what the writing read
Although the tree grew smaller:
"Come ride the flying Burble tree
For a dillar and a dollar!"

The moral of the story is
A short and simple saying:
"Enterprise works miracles,
But not without much praying."


Sunday, February 15

Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. President

Flowering so close to Lincoln's birthday,
Wild romance and ragged cheeks embrace.
Roses' velvet kissed by rugged hands,
Peaceful sighs submerged in stormy tears.

Two loves, yet one the greater.

Wednesday, February 11

Morning Dusk

The nights are longer now. That blaze of glory
I used to see stealing up the grass
And roses is hiding east of the sierra.
Maybe you can catch it when I leave.

Our little friends are later every day.
Like you, they'd rather catch an extra wink
Of sleep before they brave the cat's meow.
It's almost time to flutter out of bed.

The engine's gentle rumbling is my song ---
A giant, snoring beyond the backyard lawn.


Hanging Out

Mosquito eater just flew by.
I see his brother hanging high,
Caught and strangled in a web ---
I do believe he's very dead.

They like to hang out at our door,
Little knowing what's in store!


Monday, February 9

She Loves Me, She Loves Me

The annual Show How Much You Love Me Day is here again.
Millions will be spent for flowers, candy, boxers and bras.
American tokens of love. Dollars doled in true affection.
And we say 'thank you' with smiles and hugs, kisses and more.

"Greater love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his
life for his friend."

Easier to open my wallet than give my life.
Easier to kiss than die, to smile rather than offer everything,
yet that is what God wants me to do to show my love:
Love others as I love myself. Put them first. Die to self.
Be the servant. Love my enemies. Do good to those
who hate me.

Little wonder Jesus was crucified. Who really wanted
His kind of love?

Wednesday, February 4


It was only a matter of time before the news broke: The Hubble Telescope has located
a planet in a distant galaxy (only 150 light years away, mind you!) that has elements in
the atmosphere that are necessary for life - carbon and oxygen. Interestingly, this
planet's name is Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the dead. That is because this orb
is only 4.3 million miles away from its sun, which it orbits every four days. So hot that
its atmosphere boils, there is no way life 'as we know it' can exist. This rummaging for
a twin earth will continue.

At the same time, the United States 'scientific community' is praising the success of
the Mars' team, Spirit and Opportunity. Finding water on the Red Planet will further
convince them and many others of the life that once inhabited this now forsaken rock.

I'm puzzled at the 'let's find life at any cost' motivator here. Is it the loneliness spawned
from seeing the vast reaches of space and feeling like the odd planet out? Is it a quest
for higher knowledge from a more intelligent race than ourselves? Or could it be a search
for a society that never experienced the cannibalism, war, horror and suffering that is this
world's norm --- proof that we can overcome all that is sinful and rise to heights of
holiness (holiness redefined, of course)?

Or is it just a plot to rape the universe of its oil? More likely, its God.

Sunday, February 1

Earthquake Related Paso Robles Press Headlines for Jan 21, 2004

- Paso Roblans show their spirit - The Main Street Association's block party on Saturday was well attended
- Homeless arts programs scramble to relocate after earthquake damages auditorium
- Expert gives historical-assessment and rebuilding advice
- Kahuna's reopens in a new store uptown
- Flamson [Middle School - former high school] gets an "A" for adaptability
- Local banks unite to help with disaster relief effort
- Ali's [old Bank of America building] proposes to change north wall to stucco
- [Atascadero] Skate park finds temporary home
- IRS announces tax relief for county residents
- Downtown will survive
- Bringing life back to Paso - Local service clubs and businesses gather for fundraiser in City Park Saturday

And now you know the 'first' of the stories and get a glimpse at the renewal efforts underway
in war-torn Paso Robles. All very optimistic/pioneer spirit stuff about the enthusiastic plans for
a great revival.

God, too, often orchestrates earthquakes in our lives before giving us a hope of renewal.
Then He miraculously sends healing. The lessons are learned, we grow up a little more,
and He receives another round of applause.