Sunday, September 26

Moon Bowl and Dessert

Nothing like a the end of summer when the nights are cooler
and you can drag Main Street with the windows down and cruise
the bowling alley parking lot looking for a good picture.

Barb and I were waiting until our friends finished dinner before
meandering to their house for dessert. This was a special night.
Not because the moon was up, but because we were going to meet
a trio of Danish travelers who had just spent a few weeks visiting
our great state. We took a few pictures on the way.

That's hosts, Deb and Harry in back, Gudrun, Tove and Kurt in front.
It was Kurt and Tove's 39th wedding anniversary, but they don't
celebrate except on the milestone dates, so they were surprised
when Debby gave them an anniversary card. Guys, if you have trouble
remembering the day you got hitched, move to Denmark. They don't get
into trouble if they forget.

Anyway, it was a great visit. So be friendly to Danes the next time
you find one. They can be wonderful people!

Saturday, September 18

Pet Project


All ready for another 15 years, our domicile smiles
a sigh of relief. Project over, complete, almost.
Still the extra third coat on the south and west
sunshine sides to fill in the old cracks left by
a blasting summers. Still the spray insulation foam
between the north wall and roof joists, where they've
separated about an inch or less. Still the fact that
the roof needs replacing soon. Patching will only last
so long.

But it was a beautiful day. Overcast. Cool. A hint of fall
in the breeze. Despite a blister and roof shingle splinter
under my fingernail, there's little to complain about.

God is working, even when I am. Even when my work overshadows
His in my mind and I forget His presence. Oh, I pray when I
take that step off the extension ladder onto the brittle cedar
shake, but then I'm sidetracked.

Thank you, Lord, for not forgetting ME!

Tuesday, September 14

Holding On

I'm a kid again, flying circles around my dad.
"Hold on!" I scream as a dizzy blur of pickets,
Trees and summer grass race by.

He laughs at me, then shifts to supersonic speed.
I hear the wind and turn my head to see
His smiling face relishing the joy
Of giving joy away.


Wednesday, September 8

An Unusual Punctuation Test

Punctuate this line so it makes sense: "Rich where Dave had had had had had had had had had had had Jacks approval."

Looks pretty impossible, until you realize the breadth and depth of the English language in which nearly all things are possible.

Here is the MEMO that started the problem:

DATE: 9/9/04

TO: Dave

FROM: Jack

SUBJECT: Everyone Who Doesn't Vote Will Be Fired

It has come to my attention that my employees are political deadbeats. Therefore, starting this year, anyone who doesn't vote in the Presidential election will be terminated.

Ginnie had had this proposal last year, but we didn't act on it.

Consider yourselves duly warned and threatened.




Dave copied the memo for Ginnie, but in the second paragraph he left out one "had." Ginnie recopied the memo for everyone, but replaced the missing "had."

Later, she explained what happened to Rich, saying, "Rich, where Dave had had "had," "had" had "had had." "Had had" had had Jack's approval."


Sunday, September 5

Once and Future President


Barring unforseen events, scandals or God's good displeasure, Mr. President will remain so for a few more eventful years. Shortcomings and flaws aside, common sense forces the only sane conclusion --- George must stay, or liberals will play --- with your hard earned tax dollars and commitment to high moral standards in and out of government.

So my advice is for you to get out there and kiss the President, like it or not!

This is a guy who loves his mother (and dad). What do you hear about Kerry's folks?

Most of us don't know that the close of the convention includes a prayer for the needs of this nation and its leaders. Now you do.

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." Proverbs 14:34

"Mercy and truth preserve the king, and by lovingkindness he upholds his throne." Proverbs 20:28

Wednesday, September 1

Bush Bash

We'll surely all be ready to take a vacation from the relentless political assault on our senses as soon as this convention is over. It's like a tractor beam, pulling us into something we enjoy and hate at the same time.

Last night's top gun created a stir on and off screen. People at work were impressed. Even someone who didn't see him was impressed! Ha! Impressive speaking, maybe, but he still won't get my vote next time around. Not conservative enough.

The giggling girls were cute. And only that. Makes me feel that I should pray more for their parents.

Now here is a lady. Rhetorical? Yes. Predictable? Most of the time. Classy? Always.