Monday, December 29

Traveling Through

Remember the old days before Doppler radar and satellite images of those Pacific storms that drenched us in Paso and blanketed us in York Mountain? Thankfully, there's still a measure of guesswork involved. The local weathermeisters get it right most of the time, maybe. But they disagree among themselves, from channel to channel. And forecasting a week out is really stretching it. But in the old days . . .

How did California get its forecasts? From ships at sea? Weather balloons? Mexico? Seattle? Must have been much more exciting then, wondering if it was going to rain for sure --- being surprised by a summer storm --- getting a white Christmas out of the gray.

I remember coming out of church one Sunday. Must have been about 1961 or so. And it was snowing on Oak Street! That snowy-cold air piercing through you with each breath. Wondering if there would be enough to call school off the next day. Surprised and full of that kid feeling of seeing something rare and beautiful.

God surprises us like that. Showing us something rare and beautiful. And we miss seeing Him in it. Lord, open my eyes to see your wisdom, love, beauty and faithfulness in those rare and special moments.

Saturday, December 27



Amor---from the Latin. The English cousin sounds too much like enameled. My new laptop has added an 'un,' making it even more questionable. 'Unenamored.' My sentiments after purchasing this nice little compact compac. A testimony to high tech's ability to shock and awe.

I want to use it in the living room so I can be closer to family in the evening. At least, physically. The computer room's cave-like isolation isn't that healthy.

It will take some time to get used to the dwarfish keyboard, the screen proximity (too close), and other annoyances. And during the first day exploring it's many challenges, I was twice, suddenly interrupted with an error screen saying the unit will shut down automatically in 60 seconds, so I had better save, close or cry quickly, or else. If this keeps up, it's back to the store with it.

There is something to say for old technology: It's simpler and friendlier, I think. But I'll give it some time and hope for the best. 29 days to go before making a final decision! Ha!

Friday, December 26

I Wonder


I wonder if they've heard of Paso in Bam, Iran.
Probably not.

Wednesday, December 24

Quiet Slice


In that still and secret place that hides
Tomorrow's avalanche of family fun
From view, I sit and set the fear aside.
Eyes closed, hushed heart, a prayer---it's done.

Tuesday, December 23



Riding rolling hills, these ancient oaks
Begin to dance and wave their ancient arms
Again. Blackened branches scratch the sky.
Unseeen fingers grasp the vibrant soil.
It is the blue moon dance of stirring trees.

Sunday, December 21

December Shouting


December's door is closing on its ancient hinges,
Dragging a host of rusty memories with it.
Another landmark in life's field will soon be out of sight,
Replaced with coming months and years.

December calls.
The end announces the beginning.
Emmanuel. God with us.
It sings above the noise of shiny lights and worshiped stuff.
It shouts while we cup our ears and shout back, "To hell with heaven!"

December smiles and some of us smile back.

Waving Last Goodbyes


Waving last goodbyes, this summer's sun
Has hurried home to winter. "On the run!"
As some would say --- not out of fear so much
As duty. Anyway, he'll keep in touch
While on the wing.

Autumn's golden memories are spent
And scattered in the wind. It's time for tents
To take a final trip before the rains
Come. Summer's left but few refrains
For us to sing.

Winter's soon to steal his way towards
My door and make himself at home. My words
Won't stop his barging in and icy stare.
I'll bundle up behind my Book and dare
To dream of spring.