Monday, April 26

Food Fest

Thirty thousand pounds of asparagus,
freshly cut in Stockton, the spear capital
of the world.

Deep fried, pastaed, cheesed, dunked,
sauteed, barbequed, you name it.
They ran out of the stuff a little after
6:00 p.m. on Sunday. About 150,000
ticket holders braved the heat, long
lines and each other to get a mouthful.

I watched the hordes on the local cable
channel live. Like ants in an ant farm.
Liz and Hillary were there. Two little ants
on the screen. They didn't want to stand
in line for an hour. A kid thing. You can
see a picture here:

Guess I'm a kid, too. I just watched the
tube and ate a hot dog

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