Saturday, May 22

$60 Per Hour

For those of us who dream of that perfect job, your dreams
have been answered:

This job pays about $60 per hour, many times more.

This is a job you will be asked to smile while performing.

This is a job where people will smile at you and praise you while
you do good work.

This is a job where you may or may not work really hard.

This is usually an indoor job.

This is a job where you'll usually be working with younger people.

This is a job that almost anyone can do.

This is a job that will give you a sense of accomplishment.

This is a job that some of us may have had in the past and despised it.

This is a job that ranks low on the 'great jobs' ranking poll.

This job is waitressing.

Go figure . . . I give the girl a $5 tip for less than 5 minutes of her time. That is $60 an hour plus her regular wages.

It's time to stop feeling sorry for the lowly table server.

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