Friday, August 20

Blurbing Along

To those bloggers whose daily blurbs define their depth,

1. Like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest while no
one is there, a blogger's words are most likely falling on deaf
ears as well.

2. Blogging seems more an exercise in excesses than real
nuts and bolts reality.

3. Blogging is usually about the blogger, someone that
99.9 % of the population cares nothing about.

4. Revealing a true level of intelligence is an unintended
consequence of most blogging.

5. There is a simple reason why most bloggers are female.
[If you have hard evidence this is false, let me know]

6. Blogging is a fad that will fade into the cosmic background
in a few years.

7. The best blog site is one that your pet writes.

8. A blogger's time would be better spent reading the Bible.

9. No one gets paid for maintaining a blubbering blog.

and lastly,

10. Bloggers could care less what people like myself say.

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