Tuesday, November 16

Modesto --- CA's New Mystery Spot

Who woulda thunk it? Modesto is the newest Mystery Spot
in California. Chandra Levi, Laci Peterson, and thousands
of Honda's, Camry's and Chevy pickups missing.
Ranked #1 in these United States for car thefts, little Modesto
had more than 6500 cars and trucks stolen last year.

The reason? There's more than one, but the top three are:

1. Joy riding or just needing transportation for the night.
2. A quick sell to support your drug habit. In case you
didn't know it, the Valley is the meth capital of the
3. Your car is too easy to steal. Late 80's thru mid 90's
models are big steal deals.

Please note that the highest risk cities are mostly in
California (6 out of the top 10). And what does that mean?
It means that if you live in California, one of the safest
places to live is in San Luis Obispo County. But have you
priced homes there lately? You're better off letting your
vehicle get stolen once in awhile!

Both murdering and stealing are sins in God's eyes. Both
reflect the utter and total depravity of fallen humanity.
And both anger and wanting what belongs to others are the
taletale hints of what is in our hearts...murder and theft.

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