Saturday, March 5

Expression Collection

In the quest for collecting unusual and unique expressions, my adventures lead me through a labyrinth of faces --- usually at the flea market, where sometimes is found an original piece of face art. These horribly artless forms find their way from ceramic or sculpting classes to garage sales to storage units to their not quite last stop --- the flea market.

I like the originality and simplicity of expression. I like to boldness and kindergarten-like imagination that goes into each one. They are especially neat when they're signed and dated. Destined to end up in a landfill, I'm letting them have a safe home before that dreadful day arrives.

Any ideas on what to do with them? Oh, yes, I immediately shaved this yarn-haired head when I got home.

Color is a wonderful thing. So is humor. Mix them and try not to be jealous of this guy's predicament as he's surrounded by long-maned toothpick-like Barbies. I don't think kids enjoy playing with these hard bodies. There are zillions of them for sale here.

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