Thursday, June 2

Tennessee Tales

We've been enjoying a week's vacation on the Cumberland Plateau a few hours east of Nashville. One beautiful American paradise as long as you come at the right time. May is the best month. Cool and little humidity.

This is the all-brothers-and-sisters reunion at Mom's. She just celebrated her 80th year and is really enjoying the mayhemic party we always throw when we get together. The food has been terrific, too. Mom's a great cook. Tonight's California Caserole is still in the oven.

We've taken day trips here and there. Nothing exotic in this neck of the woods, but it's fun visiting little towns that seem pretty much removed from civilization--- backwoodsy bergs that haven't changed appearance in 50 or more years. Wish I could show a few pictures, but can't yet.

Friendly people, cheap gas and good food. We'll be back.

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