Tuesday, October 4

Little Pig Dreams

Little 5 year old Angel doesn't scrimp on expression and matter-of-factly relates her last scary dream about being in a barn with 4 pigs. One of them was little and had a rectangular-shaped hole in its back so you could see its backbones. The little porker proceeded to chase her around the nightmare before the real world rescued her.

We probed for reasons and learned the source: she had been thinking scary thoughts that day. Out of the mouth of babes zings another golden tidbit of truth, and we have to ask ourselves, "what scary thoughts have passed through our own cranial crevices today?" The Scriptures tell us that dreams come from the day's events. Little snippets of life mixed with a depraved imagination and a large measure of fear combine for the fixin's of a perfectly horrible dream. An illogical, preposterous, out-of-character, fearful, crazy and often sinful collection of vivid video on steroids. Recurring themes, faces and memories reveal a secret part of us that we don't share with anyone else. Our consciousness usually erases the trauma during the day, but not always.

How intriguing that science dictates that a night's craziness is necessary for a normal life. Lord, deliver me from a normal life!

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