Saturday, February 11

Palmy Sunrises

After 20 years of driving past this row of palm trees on the way to work, I've finally captured the scene. And this one doesn't compare to the more spectacular ones seen through the years. This used to be farmland and is now industrial/commercial/tech land except for a leftover farmhouse and barn at the end of these desert sentinels. When I first started working here, we used the barn (it's across a 4-lane street, about 1/4 mile from us) to store paper rolls for business form printing. Someone would drive a truck or van over and a forklift or clamplift would put rolls in the truck. This worked fine until someone forgot to close the rear door one day and a roll or two bounced out onto the highway. This slight incident forced management to find another place around the block from us. Goodbye, ol' barn and not-so-good ol' days.

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  1. Me and my older sister have this joke. Her nick name is Oak Tree and mine is Palm. Now I see why. God is such and incredible artist ya know......