Tuesday, April 18

Shrouded Shell Creek

A 30 minute trip east of Paso Robles on Hwy 58 offers some of the most breathtaking color in the area. Shell Creek exploded last year thanks to the previous winter rains. This year's display wasn't as dramatic, but offered more than I expected.

Ginnie and Meg donned their smiles and big SLR's, trekked into the 'rattlesnake-ridden' fields, and snapped away. This was the perfect setting for me, since there were so many old oak trees - dead and alive - which provided the perfect 'frames' for scenics and a true sense of California's personality. We tiptoed through the Baby Blue Eyes and Tidy Tips, often getting down to eye level for close-up shots.

An overcast sky helped make truer colors, but a slight breeze resulted in some out-of-focus blooms. No big deal. Each of us got some great pictures.

A few other nature lovers and photographers joined us. The local cows joined us. The killdeer and meadowlarks chimed in. It was time to party!

This is the second post about this little-known spot. In fact, who ever heard of it when we were growing up in the 50's and 60's? Guess it was just too far a drive. The roads were terrible, and it would have been more fun to go to the beach. Thankfully, the area is still somewhat pristine, except for the occasional beer bottle left by Friends of the Junk Jungle. So don't even think about going if you're not willing to pick up a few 'souvenirs' to take home.


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