Monday, October 9

Happy Birthday, Mike

Mike's 21st birthday will be spent at his FOB in Afghanistan. He's an MP, drives a patrol Humvee that search and destroys Taliban. His mom is sending him two packages of Twinkees, a pack of beef jerky, some other stuff and a card signed by everyone where we work together. She hears from him (computer connection) regularly.

It's the waiting, praying, and trusting that take front row at the front lines and rear lines back home.

Happy birthday, Mike!

My brother, Marty's, birthday was yesterday, so "Happy Birthday, Mart!" You were in a war, too. Vietnam. We don't talk about it. I don't think you got shot at, chased Viet Cong, or drove a Humvee. But someone was praying for you, too.

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  1. RoxyDogsMom9:43 PM

    Hey David
    Thanks for recognizing Mike's Birthday - he will be really surprised when he sees this.