Thursday, November 2

Sixty(een) Candles

My 16th birthday was on a Monday in 1962. No surprise party that I can remember. I think we lived on 16th Street in Paso with the Birk's. I'll guess this was the occasion I bought a new 10-speed from Sears. Bright yellow, lightweight, the perfect vehicle to zip up Vine Street to see one of the Mandella sisters that winter. Man, that was a great bike!

Today's surprise 60th celebration at work revealed the hard work and bravery of those who decorated after I left work yesterday. High hanging Happy Birthday signs, a 60 t-shirt hanging above my collator, big black balloons and crepe paper covering the collator and cutter, spinning purple 60 dangly things, three gag gifts and signed card --- all showed the affection and fun-loving nature of the gang at work. Special thanks goes to Debby, Jan, Roy, Roberta and anyone else who helped!

These Old Davy major milestones spur times of self-examination, perspective, and thanksgiving. Self-examination = you're getting older, but how much wiser? Perspective = not too many years to go, buddy. Thanksgiving = Lord, thank You for the love others show in this sin-infested world. Thank You for friends who care and show it.

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