Monday, December 25

Christmas Trappings and Beyond

This yearly two-in-one celebration of Christ's birth and getting and giving stuff is wrapping up today here on the West Coast. After the biscuits and gravy, the chicken enchalada and tamales, the turkey and ham, the pizza and Pepsi, the myriad snacks, the cranberry jello salad, the yams and mashed potatoes, the green bean casseroles and desserts galore, there will be a few days respite before dieting is at the top of our wish list.

Most of us know the power of food. God created us to ENJOY it, but not be the proverbial glutton. The veil of guilt descends each holiday season during the year. It disappears into the sea of forgetfulness before long, but emerges as the Creature from the Food Lagoon by the next celebration event.

We've evolved from nibblers to gorgers. The piper must be paid sooner or later. Let's make it after those New Year parties!

Visit for Christmas Eve photos.

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