Sunday, January 7

Life's Greatest Aversion

There's nothing people hate to discuss, admit or even think about more than their own dirty laundry. There are entire people groups that don't even have a word for it. In English, old and new, it is spelled S-I-N, pronounced sin and defined as 'sin'.

Hated or not, it is a really important issue. A life-or-death issue, actually. My understanding of what it is and how it affects me is crucial to my existence. Whatever I may think of its importance or unimportance, I need to know the truth about it and base my opinions accordingly.

Most opinions center on the 'don't-do' list, like don't murder, don't steal, don't lie. But those are only outward symptoms of the disease. There is a far-reaching, deeply rooted core of sin called 'attitude' that is labeled as bad or worse than the outward act of pulling the trigger.

This linked message is almost 50 years old, written in London by a doctor/pastor, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. He deals with this subject humbly, honestly and boldly.

The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

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