Sunday, May 13

Spectral Analysis

As filthy, polluted, stained and dying our world and culture are, remnants of beauty will always draw us to that perfection in life that can't be seen anywhere else. Flowers will bloom in the worst of slums. Smiles will transcend the inhumanity of man. Kind words will give hope to the desperate soul.

The Bible speaks of the "beauty of holiness" --- a beauty that God alone possesses. Unfathomable, invisible, incomprehensible --- but a beauty that can be partly glimpsed in this life and will be fully revealed in the next. We begin to see it as our eyes are opened to the truth of His Word, the wonder of who He is and the realization of what He has done for those who love and trust Him.

As there are light waves that we cannot see, so there is a spiritual beauty that is yet to be discovered. May God's Spirit reveal our desperate need to be healed from our blindness.

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