Saturday, August 11


Another baking project produced an exquisitely designed blueberry pie, ready for . . . neither baking nor eating --- it was the PlayDough variety. Never one to just sit and do nothing, this little one is a doer, a model task-mistress and busybody (in the good sense). We're happy to have her around.

I watched her for a few hours today as Barb went to visit Liz at the hospital, while Liz was waiting for Ryan's emergency surgery on his appendix. Everything was successful, thankfully, so far. No insurance, though.

So I watched and mowed and watched and fixed the creaking bottom bracket on my bike, and watched and watered in the backyard, and watched some more. She was playing with the next door kids out front. Only had to yell at her a few times!

Yes, God is watching us and lovingly yelling at us when we goof up. It hurts and feels good at the same time.

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