Monday, February 18

Seed and Feed

The season is finally changing from freezing cold to mildly cold with rain mixed in here and there. Feathers are changing color. Grass is starting to grow again. Time to plant some flowers and enjoy some sunshine after being house-bound for a few months. The yard is a wreck and will need some major mending.

Borrowed the neighbor's chipper/shredder this morning and continued getting rid of the limb debris from the storm-toppled pine tree in the backyard. Works great (Craftsman 7.5 hp), but you have to trim of the larger shoots and all the pinecones before cramming the branch into the 2" opening of the chipper. I quit after the first big blister appeared on my gloved hands. And all that pruning shears snipping will be rewarded with an aching hand tomorrow. I'm about 1/3 finished and will have to borrow the machine again. Sorry, Bill. But thanks so much for letting me use it!

Barb has spent the day on the computer job-searching. I spent a few hours doing book research and writing a bit.

Picked up Eliz and headed for WalMart for a low-priced version of tax software and a few other items. Slurped an A&W rootbeer float on the way home.

There is no 'rest of the story.'

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