Monday, March 31

Deja Nam

Friendly Al was wearing a Vote for Obama t-shirt and huge Obama button on his shiny blue jacket. He was more than ready to bring the "boys" home from the second fiasco, this time in Iraq. Barak was the ticket to get this done --- not Hillary, and certainly not McCain.

That's my wish as well. Bring them home. We have plenty of oil in Alaska and offshore to supply the good ol' USA for hundreds of years (if this mess is about oil --- which I really doubt). If it's about freedom, the Iraqis must want freedom badly enough to secure it by themselves. They don't need us to train them how to get it. They can fight their own civil war for it.

Our 'fight' is here, on the borders and within the states that harbor these extremists, illegals and their sympathizers. Denmark is reeling from its 'open-arms' policies. Looks like we're next in line for the dance.

You can see photos of the Vietnam Veteran Welcome Home event last Sunday here:

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