Saturday, July 5

Dead Jackrabbits in the Streets

Celebrating our freedoms yesterday on the 4th of July was on many people's minds as a misdirected Congress, Senate, President and Supreme Court whittle away at many of them. As government grows, freedoms dwindle. But there is a sidebar situation: As immorality grows, so grow the laws to stop it (or those that try to stop it). We are a nation of godless, me-first, sin-loving miscreants --- and we don't even know it.

American history proves the case that the Christian churches and members strongly influenced their world for good. Right and wrong were distinguishable. The Bible mandate (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) permeated the whole society. And justice was swift. All ancient history now, so be prepared to honor that new mandate --- socialism and bigger government.

It's back to the 70's today. In a short time you will most likely be maxing out your vehicle speed at 55 mph on the highway. This will save you a lot of money (only if you drive alot on the freeway). It won't save the truckers a dime (except in fewer accidents). It won't lower your gas prices by much, if any. But it will save you gas and may save your life, so that's the best part of the deal.

But then, why 55 mph? Why not a more optimal gas-saving speed like 40 mph? And why not require governors on our engines that would eliminate jackrabbit driving around town? And why not lower in-town speed limits, too? This will definitely save a lot more gas.

Gas guzzlers will soon be oddities in our history books and make for great stories to tell our great-grandkids.