Tuesday, August 12

I Never Knew John Lennon

Man, those were the days! Boots and sunglasses, long hair and wire-rims.

As a normal American, I never knew John Lennon in 1970, and what I did know was gleaned from record albums. I guess I dressed like him with little forethought.

They actually sold these duds in stores, so we went to the stores and bought it. We just wanted to fit in and look cool like every other pothead. I do apologize for having longer hair than John, though.

We went to San Luis Obispo for the best in fashion. A few stores downtown catered to the elite, and we were happy to oblige them. Barb was my striped pants and boots princess. I tried to maintain a semblance of the Paso Robles Country Joe --- fringe was in.

We were part of the anti-establishment. We rode the early environmentalist wave, hung with the crazies, worshiped acoustic guitar and CSNY, decorated with cheap "antiques," and enjoyed living on a "farm" with dogs, rabbits and wild cats.

Ironically, I drove a new Mustang GT fastback with a 390 in it, and both of us had real jobs that we liked.

The sold-out hippie world would have to get along without us.