Saturday, September 20


When Angel crosses the threshold, Grammy goes into fun mode. Today, it is 'get out the new puzzle' and 'collectively brainstorm solutions' time. Never mind that it's a stegosaurus vex that glows in the dark, and not a picture of Cinderella in her dazzling pumpkin carriage. Togetherness is the theme of the moment, one that's getting rarer for us old folks. Sometimes, you want them all to move back in. Then you think about it and have a good laugh.

This morning was the 'Get On the Roof And Fix the Heater' appointment. Every few years the igniter burns out. And each trip up that extension ladder reminds me that there are much safer things to do in life. My amateur inspection revealed melting wires and a lot of contact corrosion, so the problem may have just been bad connections. But I cleaned the connections and replaced the module anyway. It works again, thankfully. This entropy thing is the pits.