Wednesday, December 17

A Little Sand in Your Sandwich

Boy, is it cold, or what!? And to top it off they're showing The Day After Tomorrow over and over on FX network. What we need are some beach movies, like Beach Blanket Bingo and Muscle Beach Party with Annette and Frankie. Anything to warm us up a bit. Hey, even a little global warming documentary would be nice!

We used to head over to Cayucos during the summer to 'cool off' when it was about 118degrees in Paso Robles. The sand would burn our feet, but the water was freezing - cold enough to erase the thoughts of sweltering on the other side of the hill. Here's a 1967 photo of Marvin Herreid and Susan Wynn dripping after a dipping. Looks like fun, but hard to imagine when you're expecting another night of ice capped world around you.

Vocational overtime and seasonal stress have contributed to my blogging demise the past few weeks. It might also explain the sparse entries on the website. My humble apologies until things get back to normal.

May God bless each and all as we celebrate advent and a new year, remembering we are here at His behest, owe our all to Him as a Loving Creator and Redeemer, and will soon enter eternity.