Thursday, January 29

Finally, A Perfect Excuse!

Today is a happy day for truly yours, as he finds out that the reason for his humdum (sic) educational level in grammar and high schools is high sugar levels in the cafeteria food! In fact, we can now blame the far less than stellar scholastic achievement in America on Public School Enemy #1, brain cell-killing sugar.

After 10 years of research, the evidence is in, according to this CNN report:

"In the first six months of the sugar ban, disciplinary incidents went down 23 percent, counseling referrals decreased 30 percent, and in the first years of standardized test scores, reading scores improved 15 percent, she said. Browns Mill [Elementary School] was named a national blue ribbon school and a Georgia school of excellence in 2005."

So, please, take your criticism and place it where it is more deserved --- on the guy who went to private schools and had to eat broccoli for lunch.