Wednesday, March 11

California Earthquake on October 21, 1868

"On the 21st instant an earthquake was felt throughout a large part of the State, and in some places considerable damage was done to property. In San Francisco several of the public buildings suffered severely. The U.S. Marine Hospital and City Hall have been condemned as unsafe, and will have to be rebuilt. The total loss in this city is supposed to be between one and two millions. Alameda county suffered the most. Near San Leandro there were numerous fissures in the earth, from some of which came clouds of dust, and from others volumes of water. San Leandro creek, which had been dry for months, is now a rapidly running stream. At San Leandro and various other villages, the brick buildings were thrown down or rendered uninhabitable, and many of the wooden structures much damaged. At San Jose and Brachear City also, the destruction of property was great. No loss of life is mentioned. Slight shocks were felt in San Francisco on the 23rd and 25th inst., the last was of considerable duration, and caused alarm to the citizens."

From the publication The Friend.