Sunday, June 21

Templeton Quilt Show

Well, what was more exciting --- a 4.4 earthquake 15 miles west of Paso Robles, or a quilt fair in Templeton on Saturday? I'll pick the Quilt Show.

Handmade quilts were found hanging along Main Street from various businesses, homes, fences and porches to reflect the down home feel of this enduringly sleepy city, where my great-grandparents raised a houseful of rowdy kids (south of the park).

Templeton will someday (barring the 2nd Advent) have enough money to restore Main Street to its primal glory, add a huge tourist attraction like a railroad museum and secure the blessings of liberty to its posterity.

My sister, Ginnie, is a quilter. She is the artist in the family, having inherited the gift from a forgotten ancestor or two or three. These are her pictures of the event. She didn't say if she'd entered one of hers to show off, but I don't blame her if she didn't --- too much direct sunlight isn't good for a quilt.

Today is Father's Day. Be sure to show your love in some big or small way. And fathers: Get over the guilt thing, ask for forgiveness and enjoy the rest of your life.