Saturday, July 4

1500 more tax/rotten government protests are now history - all held today throughout the nation.

Our local turnout was pretty low - people would rather be with family, and I don't blame them. But those who showed up expressed their ire and irate concern for the state of the states with enthusiasm, nonetheless.

The groundswell has started. The fear of being branded "terrorists" isn't deterring the moms and pops of America from speaking out. In fact, that's the only way the press is going to cover this story. Speaking of which, the local newspaper, even after repeated efforts to post this get together, wasn't at the event. They reported on the April 15 placarding, but cared less about this one. Mine is most likely the only report you'll read. Guess everyone had the day off except one lone motorcycle officer who parked across the street for about 10 minutes to see if there would be any trouble.
No trouble - just a lot of cars honking in favor of smaller government.

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