Monday, December 7

Freeze Out

California's moniker, The Sunshine State, was tarnished today as the snow clouds moved in and dumped tons of the white stuff across valleys, hills and mountains. I don't know who took this picture or who the coffee drinker is. It was among 500 that had been uploaded to the KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento website.

I had expected a dusting here in Stockton in the early a.m. and got out of bed to check about 6:00. Nothing, just rain --- or so I thought. Had I turned on a light to see better outside I would have seen a spattering of floating flakes mixed with the rain. Driving to work with white floaties illuminated in the headlights was pretty cool --- literally. It was freezing outside, but not cold enough to have the snow stick.

At work, we kept checking outside to see the short-lived spectacle, but the snow show stopped about 8:00. Thankful for the memories, the rest of the day was filled with news stories about the foothills east of Sacramento, where over 60,000 people were without power, multiple wrecks were taking place, schools were closed and folks didn't make it to work. A real mess for most.

But the kids were marking it as the best day of the year so far!

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  1. An old-timer from up the hill who would hate it if I called him that said it was the worst storm in twenty years for them. Fortunately they were only without power for a few days. Like the rest of the folks up there on a well, the pump stops when the power stops, so it means melting snow...
    but really some of my favorite memories from living up there are from the time we were snowed in for a week without power. Some of the best times of conversation, of actual interaction for the family. Of course the no power-no water-no flushing gets old fast. We softies would be lost without The Grid. ;)