Saturday, December 27



Amor---from the Latin. The English cousin sounds too much like enameled. My new laptop has added an 'un,' making it even more questionable. 'Unenamored.' My sentiments after purchasing this nice little compact compac. A testimony to high tech's ability to shock and awe.

I want to use it in the living room so I can be closer to family in the evening. At least, physically. The computer room's cave-like isolation isn't that healthy.

It will take some time to get used to the dwarfish keyboard, the screen proximity (too close), and other annoyances. And during the first day exploring it's many challenges, I was twice, suddenly interrupted with an error screen saying the unit will shut down automatically in 60 seconds, so I had better save, close or cry quickly, or else. If this keeps up, it's back to the store with it.

There is something to say for old technology: It's simpler and friendlier, I think. But I'll give it some time and hope for the best. 29 days to go before making a final decision! Ha!

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