Monday, December 29

Traveling Through

Remember the old days before Doppler radar and satellite images of those Pacific storms that drenched us in Paso and blanketed us in York Mountain? Thankfully, there's still a measure of guesswork involved. The local weathermeisters get it right most of the time, maybe. But they disagree among themselves, from channel to channel. And forecasting a week out is really stretching it. But in the old days . . .

How did California get its forecasts? From ships at sea? Weather balloons? Mexico? Seattle? Must have been much more exciting then, wondering if it was going to rain for sure --- being surprised by a summer storm --- getting a white Christmas out of the gray.

I remember coming out of church one Sunday. Must have been about 1961 or so. And it was snowing on Oak Street! That snowy-cold air piercing through you with each breath. Wondering if there would be enough to call school off the next day. Surprised and full of that kid feeling of seeing something rare and beautiful.

God surprises us like that. Showing us something rare and beautiful. And we miss seeing Him in it. Lord, open my eyes to see your wisdom, love, beauty and faithfulness in those rare and special moments.

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