Sunday, February 1

Earthquake Related Paso Robles Press Headlines for Jan 21, 2004

- Paso Roblans show their spirit - The Main Street Association's block party on Saturday was well attended
- Homeless arts programs scramble to relocate after earthquake damages auditorium
- Expert gives historical-assessment and rebuilding advice
- Kahuna's reopens in a new store uptown
- Flamson [Middle School - former high school] gets an "A" for adaptability
- Local banks unite to help with disaster relief effort
- Ali's [old Bank of America building] proposes to change north wall to stucco
- [Atascadero] Skate park finds temporary home
- IRS announces tax relief for county residents
- Downtown will survive
- Bringing life back to Paso - Local service clubs and businesses gather for fundraiser in City Park Saturday

And now you know the 'first' of the stories and get a glimpse at the renewal efforts underway
in war-torn Paso Robles. All very optimistic/pioneer spirit stuff about the enthusiastic plans for
a great revival.

God, too, often orchestrates earthquakes in our lives before giving us a hope of renewal.
Then He miraculously sends healing. The lessons are learned, we grow up a little more,
and He receives another round of applause.

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