Sunday, June 13

Nothing Was More American

"Yes, he did not shrink from denouncing Moscow's 'evil empire.'
But he realized that a man of goodwill might nonetheless emerge within
its dark corridors. So the President resisted Soviet expansion and
pressed down on Soviet weakness at every point until the day came when
communism began to collapse beneath the combined weight of these
pressures and its own failures. And when a man of goodwill did emerge
from the ruins, President Reagan stepped forward to shake his hand and
to offer sincere cooperation.

Nothing was more typical of Ronald Reagan than that large-hearted
magnanimity - and nothing was more American.

Therein lies perhaps the final explanation of his achievements. Ronald
Reagan carried the American people with him in his great endeavours
because there was perfect sympathy between them. He and they loved America
and what it stands for - freedom and opportunity for ordinary people."

Baroness Margaret Thatcher

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