Monday, June 7

An Untold Story About Ronald Reagan

[This story was called into radio talkshow host, Tom Sullivan, on
KFBK (Sacramento) on June 7, 2004, as heard by me, Wordydave. The
caller was at the following event.]


While governor of that great state of the Golden West, Ronald Reagan
decided to throw a backyard BBQ and party for his friends at his
home in Sacramento. A number of families attended, so there were kids
running here and there and kids playing in the pool.

Mr. Reagan was surrounded by friends, enjoying a conversation, when
he suddenly jumped up, ran to the pool, and dove in. Seconds later, he
surfaced with a young black boy in his arms. It wasn't clear how he knew
the youngster was on the bottom of the pool, maybe the other kids were in
a panic over him. Or maybe he was keeping an eye on all of them while he
was talking.

After making sure the child was okay, the drenched governor returned to
his friends and quipped about his "Mickey Mouse" wristwatch that had
stopped working. At that point, the caller took a Polaroid picture of the

Wanting to publish the picture and tell the story to the local newspaper,
the young man (caller) was dissuaded by his father. The incident never
made the news.

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