Saturday, September 18

Pet Project


All ready for another 15 years, our domicile smiles
a sigh of relief. Project over, complete, almost.
Still the extra third coat on the south and west
sunshine sides to fill in the old cracks left by
a blasting summers. Still the spray insulation foam
between the north wall and roof joists, where they've
separated about an inch or less. Still the fact that
the roof needs replacing soon. Patching will only last
so long.

But it was a beautiful day. Overcast. Cool. A hint of fall
in the breeze. Despite a blister and roof shingle splinter
under my fingernail, there's little to complain about.

God is working, even when I am. Even when my work overshadows
His in my mind and I forget His presence. Oh, I pray when I
take that step off the extension ladder onto the brittle cedar
shake, but then I'm sidetracked.

Thank you, Lord, for not forgetting ME!

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