Sunday, September 26

Moon Bowl and Dessert

Nothing like a the end of summer when the nights are cooler
and you can drag Main Street with the windows down and cruise
the bowling alley parking lot looking for a good picture.

Barb and I were waiting until our friends finished dinner before
meandering to their house for dessert. This was a special night.
Not because the moon was up, but because we were going to meet
a trio of Danish travelers who had just spent a few weeks visiting
our great state. We took a few pictures on the way.

That's hosts, Deb and Harry in back, Gudrun, Tove and Kurt in front.
It was Kurt and Tove's 39th wedding anniversary, but they don't
celebrate except on the milestone dates, so they were surprised
when Debby gave them an anniversary card. Guys, if you have trouble
remembering the day you got hitched, move to Denmark. They don't get
into trouble if they forget.

Anyway, it was a great visit. So be friendly to Danes the next time
you find one. They can be wonderful people!

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