Tuesday, February 15

My Starbucks Valentine

It was the perfect date--- dinner, then a movie (at home). I thought I'd surprise my girl by driving close to the restaurant she had chosen earlier, but end up at a fancier one next door. With hardly a parking place left, I stuck my rained on head through the door to see the hoardes waiting in line. Then I asked a young couple outside how long they had to wait. "About 45 minutes. Maybe an hour." Okay . . .

Time for plan 'A' and go across the parking lot to Baja Fresh, where there were only two tables being used. Definitely not the romantic hotspot for the night. But we settled in and had a GREAT spread and watched a few more couples straggle in. Nothing to complain about, especially the price.

Then it was out the door and past the ice cream shop to Starbucks, where we got a table and enjoyed a hot drink and the yuppie ambiance. This store is right across the street from the junior college, so lots of kids visit, including young Dave S. whom we hadn't seen since a wedding last year. He's taking a Spanish class to help him at his new job working for the city. Says out of the blue that he's been taking B and W photos in his spare time, so I think I'll get together with him sometime and do some shooting.

I hardly know this kid. He's about 26 or so. We've known his parents and family for about 30 years, and as far as I know he was named after me. Our families have drifted apart, like when you move to another town and rarely visit. Sad. Old friends. True and trusted friends. Drifting along and not working at keeping in touch. Not willing to throw out the rope between canoes. I'll blame myself.

We watched The Notebook afterwards. Gave you a lot to think about and encouraged us to love each other no matter what. There will be twists, turns and tragedy, but in God's hands and with His help we'll weather the storms and find our love growing along the way.

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