Saturday, February 19

One Sloggy Blog

Sorry, Seattle, but rainfall total roles have been reversed this year as we slog our way through this wild and wacky winter. California is now the official winner of the Sloggiest Place on the West Coast Award. And we now know for sure that we're never going to move to Washington State in this lifetime.

I know I've written on this subject before. This will be the last time (I hope). Repitition is one of my pet-peeves, too. The great thing about all of this is --- this will be one GREAT spring bouquet for the whole state. So get out there and enjoy the beauty and wonder of the wildflowers, tameflowers --- any type of flower and plant, both in your yard and in the boonies. Be sure to read Psalm 104 first!


Everyone's still asleep around here, although Barb just got up and is making some noise. We'll soon hear the little voice of urchin Angel as she starts another week living with us. She must really go to bed late when she's with her daddy. It's 9:30 already. The Starbuck's coffee is made.

Little whispers and voice announce the arrival of the whirlwind. "Good morning, Papa." "I always wake up in the morning."

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