Tuesday, April 19

Blind Justice

It will take a while to recover from today's court experience. Our daughter is trying to get full custody of her little girl because of daddy's Burning Man escapade. While Angel visited last time, he used his hot cigarette lighter on her leg to punish her for disobeying him.

The police and CPS were called after our granddaughter told the story about the burn on her leg. They took reports, we gave them pictures, they encouraged us to go to court over it. CPS later dropped the charges but didn't tell my daughter before the court date. The father refused to accept the sheriff's service papers saying he had moved out of the county.

The court mediator thought my daughter was stupid for bringing it up, saying if Liz brought another accusation as innocuous, she would give full custody to the father. The mediator believed the lies of the father and his parents, but not the testimony of Liz and her daughter.

So let me get this straight. It's okay to burn your kid if you want to. It's really no worse than spanking or having them take a time out. And lies are more believable than the truth.

Now you know what California courts think of justice.

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