Saturday, April 16

Saving the World

Paramount's latest adventure tease is Sahara, starring familiar faces in familiar places with familiar traces of Harrison Ford fantasy thrown in for good measure.

Saving the world isn't easy, you know. And doing it in the middle of the desert makes it that much more credible (or 'incredible' - as your opinion dictates). No one really cares about credibility. But we DO care about humor to soothe and defuse the most serious situations. This movie had some (humor), but not enough. It had some acting, too, but not enough.

Penelope Cruz was given a poorly written script and did even more poorly with it. Poor thing. The movie would have been better had her part not been created at all. (How's that for sentence structure? Reminds me of her lines). Like this screen shot I took, she added Gaussian Blur and little more. Too bad.

Overall, I'd rate this picture 'B' for entertaining, 'B' for music, 'B' for acting (except for previous exception), 'A' for hardly any bad language, 'C' for photography, 'D' for storyline, 'B' for special effects, and an 'A' for Matthew McConaughey's teeth whitener.

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