Monday, January 2

The 2006 Mix

Predictions For 2006

This link is a good read for getting the feel of where this next year will take us. These aren't the biblical prophet caliber by any stretch, so no one will get stoned if they don't come true, but you'll find them interesting, 'predictable' and some yawn-worthy if nothing else. More of the same.

The rain added some excitement to the Rose Bowl Parade this morning. Spirits looked a bit dampened with drenched hair, uniforms and instruments presenting a pretty dismal picture. Crowd color and fumbling announcers were a treat, too.

The new vacuum cleaner is roaring in the living room. Decorations are down and the tree is out on the back patio enjoying the rain. My yard is flooded again but at least the roof isn't leaking.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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