Saturday, January 21

Lemon Chicken

Barb and I are playing babysitters again this weekend. First to Target where Angel wanted a 'rubber' chicken with an 'egg' inside that you can squeeze part way out of its body and watch the 'yolk' floating around inside a transparent 'eggshell.' Another wonderful toy made in ChinaMart. Then it was home to wash the car and pick a leftover lemon from the neighbor's overhanging tree. What a monster egg this was for Ms. Chick to lay!

It's another dreary, drab day to enjoy. A smattering of rain predicted. Lots of indoor options to explore. Also, I'm thinking about that digital SLR purchase that I might be able to rangle today. Body only to begin with. I've got some good lenses to use already. But I don't feel real well - kinda fluish, so with that and the rain to dampen my spirits, I'll probably stick close to home and hide the wallet.

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