Sunday, March 4

Bad Science and Good Hype

James Cameron's latest and greatest film documentary about the discovery of the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth in Jerusalem exudes with unfathomable faith. To conclude that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had a son named after Judas Iscariot is idiocy at its best and bad science at its worst.

But people love anything that contradicts the plain teaching of God's word in order to further deny a final judgment for their personal sins and their need to repent and fall at the feet of a forgiving Christ (who is more alive than any of us by the way).

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  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Idiocy at its best????? lest we forget that the good book is not the only center of info...try reading the Nag Hammach Library,,the Dead Sea Scrools, the Gnostic Bible/interpetations for just a few examples.. Wasn't Jesus taken or should I say ascended into the heavens body and soul...or did he actually die on the cross.. What about the years he spent in India...Hey, but let me not judge you for your beliefs, but bless you for your faith.. Rick Garcia