Saturday, March 10

360 Degree Fun

Our old Creston Park neighborhood circle had a nice hill that was great for anything on wheels. Marty and I would build homemade carts to experiment with and get a 5 second thrill before one of the wheels would fall off.

Honda's little 50cc mini-bike was a hit in the early 70's. George, Ronnie and I all owned one and gave them a workout by 'driving' them up the hiking trail at Willow Springs north of Piedras Blancas lighthouse. Other hikers couldn't believe their eyes --- or the noise! The hardest part was lifting them over logs and carrying them over the creek. This trek was never repeated, but brings back good memories of pristine forest with beautiful ferns, trees and spider webs.

Some of us would ride around the neighborhood, too. But not too far or too much. This bike had no license and the CHP officer, Gordon, who lived around the corner wouldn't have liked 'giving us a ticket.' Here you see Ginnie on one of her illegal ventures of speeding around the block. Nice hair, Gin!

Monte was too young to go it alone, but wanted to sit for a portrait.

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