Wednesday, April 25

35 Years and Counting

This August will mark my 35th anniversary working with K/P Corporation. The proverbial constant of change seems to be a daily challenge (positive and negative) on a number of levels.

1.) Even though the company name is basically the same and the original owner is still a 51% shareholder, the face of the company has changed regularly through the years - updated mission statements, new constrained directions, a plurality of CEO's, changing and depleting benefits, a smaller workforce - this is NOT the same company I joined back in 1972.

2.) Few have survived as long as I. New local faces are rare but certain as we start to retire or worse.

3.) These past few years have revealed more of a family situation (for better and worse) as we've learned to look out for other departments and can fill other jobs with or without notice when emergencies and vacations arise. There are a few leaks in our tight ship, but we're pretty good at baling. That's making these last years extremely challenging for me as I get ready to say goodbye.

Yeah, I'm the old guy in the front.

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